You have been confused all over to find a perfect solution for your hairs to style properly, you apply many products or do many things to accelerate your hair styling but still hair don’t set according to what you want. This is somehow problem of many men’s & they still try to find which is the best thing or product they can try. So there are Top 5 products which can help many men’s to accelerate their Styling & maintain hair growth :-

1) Clay

Clay is a lot like fiber—you’ll get a matte finish with plenty of texture and a medium, malleable hold. Apply it to clean, dry hair and then style it. 

Best for: Medium styles, straight hair

Style in: Towel-dried hair for high hold with medium shine; dry hair for medium hold and low shine.

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2) Oil

Oil isn’t so much a hair styler as it is a polish and hydrating agent. We like adding a drop to our pomade for a subtle sheen, but it’s best in long styles as a tamer of strays which is one of the most annoying hair problems men experience and nourisher of dehydrated hairs. Most are a blend of essential oils that keep hair looking lively. If you’re going to grow yours out, then get an oil, warm a few drops in your palms, and comb it through every morning.

What it’s for: Low hold, medium shine

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3) Pomade

A lot of products today use the word “pomade” liberally. It’s a catchall that’s come to mean “hair styler,” but a true pomade will give you medium-to-high hold and shine when applied to damp hair. It’s perfect for short and medium styles, especially if you need a little old-school business pomp.

What it’s for: Medium to high shine.

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4) Wax

Wax adds texture to barely-stylable short hair. Or, when applied directly at the roots, can deliver strong hold to styles around 2-3 inches. Anything longer, and you’ll want to swap it out for something lighter. It’s also a good finishing coat on longer, frizzy hair. Warm the wax in your fingertips, and very gently graze it over any strays, tucking them into place.

What it’s for: High hold, low to medium shine

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5) Hair Cream

Cream is great for medium and longer styles. It gives you a light hold with little shine, and is best applied to towel-dried hair. It gives longer styles some light control and direction without locking it in place, and it keeps medium hair looking healthy and intentional—no messy bedheads here. Use a blow dryer for slightly firmer hold.

What it’s for: Little shine for medium & longer styles.

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So these are pick for top 5 hair products which you should use in day to day life. There are many more products but we recommend these hair products & it will surely give you results. Purchase these products which you like from link above each category. Read more blogs at Review hub media.

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