Making a plan to visit Jodhpur in your vacations & have no idea of places to visit in Jodhpur?

or new in this beautiful city?

Don’t worry we have the best planning for your visit to Jodhpur city.

Jodhpur is well known for its creative culture & most importantly it is more turning into a tourism place. Many people across the globe visits to Blue city for not only witnessing its tradition but also feeling its graceful tradition & culture. But the main point is which places should they visit to enlight their visit, So we shortlisted some great places & here are the results for the Top 10 places to visit in Jodhpur.  Check out now:-

Places to visit in Jodhpur

Top 10 Places to visit in Jodhpur

1. Mehrangarh Fort

If one thing that represents Jodhpur is its fort, Mehrangarh Fort is the heart of Jodhpur. If one visiting Jodhpur he or she should definitely visit the ancient fort. We suggest you should visit the fort in the morning or if possible early morning. Look from the fort of The Blue city is damn beautiful & that moment is priceless, You can visit Museum, Art gallery & also have a breakfast. It will take around 2 hours to site view fort properly if taken guide it can take more time. At fort there is a temple of Chamunda Mata Ji, This temple lightens the grace of Mehrangarh even more & it is one the most famous in Rajasthan too.

Mehrangarh Fort- Places to visit in Jodhpur

Chiseled and sturdy, the fort is familiar for its exquisite latticed windows, carved panels, intricately decorated windows and walls of Moti Mahal, Phool Mahal, and Sheesh Mahal. Fort will always be in our list for Top 10 places to visit in Jodhpur.

2) Umaid Bhawan Palace

Umaid Bhawan Palace- Places to visit in Jodhpur

If you are in Jodhpur and not visiting the Best Hotel in the world, My friend you are missing an essential place & we have also shortlisted it in our list of “Top 10 places to visit in Jodhpur”. From last 2 years, Umaid Bhawan Palace is the Best Hotel in the world defeating all other hotels. The food there can cost you much but it is worth. You can site see the hotel & visit museum there. Hospitality at the hotel is very amazing & it follows all traditions of the city. Maharaja Umaid Singh built Umaid Bhawan Palace in 1929 & It is also known as Chittar palace while being constructed thanks to the use of stones drawn from the Chittar hill. 

3) Jaswant Thada

Jaswant Thada- Places to visit in Jodhpur

In the memory of Maharaja Jaswant Singh in the year 1899, The world witnessed Jaswant Thada for the first time. Jaswant Thada is close to Mehrangarh Fort, Jaswant Thada is managed and looked after by the Mehrangarh Museum Trust (MMT) and is open to the public. Visitors can explore the fantastic architecture, Relax & refresh in the nearby lake & garden, Visitors can enjoy the view & take photographs. You can plan to visit Jaswant Thada when you plan the Mehrangarh Fort visit. So this famous place is surely in our Top 10 places to visit in Jodhpur & after visiting you will agree with us.

 4) Ghanta Ghar

Ghanta Ghar- Places to visit in Jodhpur

One of the most crucial place in our top 10 places to visit in Jodhpur is Clock Tower, Famously known as Ghanta Ghar. At Jodhpur even popular place like Ghanta Ghar is in the busiest place, That is Jodhpur favorite Sadar Bazaar. Clock Tower is another traditional place in Jodhpur, Many tourists visit clock tower because of all the actual look it presents in the middle of the market. Another reason to visit Ghanta Ghar is the great Sadar market near it. If you want to buy something that follows jodhpur tradition or even non-tradition, Ghanta Ghar market is the best place for your Jodhpur shopping. Quality of the product is great & prices are also cheap. You can have street food there as well.

5) Kailana Lake

Kailana Lake - Places to visit in Jodhpur

Kailana Lake is located on the west of the city, This artificial lake is an ideal picnic spot. Lake was constructed in the year 1872 by Pratap Singh. If you like to visit a place which is peaceful & refreshing, You can visit Kailana lake for your Jodhpur visit. Kailana lake is one of the oldest places of Jodhpur, Water of this lake is the sole source for every particular house in Jodhpur. Many people visit this lake because near the lake there is a garden & from that garden, you can chill & view the lake & relax. Also from some distance, There is a beautiful temple called Dungaria Mahadev. You can visit there & see beautiful decoration of Shiva. 

6) Mandore Garden

Mandore Garden- Places to visit in Jodhpur

If locally asked to any Jodhpurite which places should we visit in Jodhpur, He will name Mandore as it is one of the best places to visit in Jodhpur. Mandore belongs to the 6th century & it is towards the north of Jodhpur, Mandore is also known as the ancient capital of Marwar. Mandore Garden attracts many tourists, people can visit the nearby museum, Have a great picnic there & Go street shopping nearby. Mandore comes among the famous place near Jodhpur territory, There are also some temples which you can visit near mandore to light your journey. 

7) Balsamand Lake

Balsamand Lake- Places to visit in Jodhpur

While traveling to mandore if you want some relaxation time Balsamand lake is one of those places where you can stop & relax. It is about 5 km from Jodhpur on Jodhpur-Mandore Road. Balsamand Lake is an artificial lake that was built by Balak Rao Parihar in 1159 AD, it was planned as a water reservoir to cater to Mandore. Balsamand lake is in top 3 lists of lakes in Jodhpur for its greenery, it is surrounded by lush green gardens that house groves of trees such as mango, papaya, pomegranate, guava, and plum. You can visit the nearby garden to view an artificial waterfall. You can also stay in Palace according to your visit & have a luxurious dinner at the hotel. No doubt Balsamand lake will be in our list of Top 10 places to visit in Jodhpur.

8) Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park

Rao Jodha park- Places to visit in Jodhpur

Are you a Photographic geek & want to explore beautiful view? So you are in the correct place because this place is best for your photography exposure. While planning for the visit to Mehrangarh Fort & Jaswant Thada, You can plan for Rao Jodha Desert Park visit too because it is near to both destinations. To enter the park there are minimum charges, Charges are different for students, adults & foreigners. The main aim behind the formation of Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park was to restore the rocky area near the fort, Park was started in 2006. You can visit the outdoor museum & check out the native plant nursery. For refreshment & relaxation, you can visit the cafe. It is definitely in our list of Top 10 places to visit in Jodhpur.

9) Masuria Hills Garden

Masuriya hill garden- Places to visit in Jodhpur

Masuriya Hills Garden Famously known as Masuriya Pahadi in Jodhpur, It is on top of the Masuria hill in the middle of Blue City. It is not only famous in Jodhpur but in the whole state of Rajasthan, This place attracts many visitors because of many devotees which come from the different states to worship their regional God, Baba Ramdev. Temple is famous not only Jodhpur but many other cities. You can enjoy great city views & pass sometime alone while witnessing great sunset views. So it will be in our Top 10 places to visit in Jodhpur list.

10) Shastri Circle

Shastri circle- Places to visit in Jodhpur

Being a Jodhpurite I can tell you I visit this place every week, Some of my friends visit Shastri circle every day. This place is the heart of the city & in the evening this place is way beautiful, crowded & busiest. In the evening time, Shastri circle looks spectacular as you can witness lights, fountains with music playing. At circle, You will get the best street food in Jodhpur whether it is pav bhaji or momos. You will get every variety of foods & beverages.

So these are Top 10 places to visit in Jodhpur, There are more places in Blue city which is not in our list but if we have to scale up to top 10 these are the best results you can have for your Jodhpur visit. These results are not only our personal experience but the majority of people claims this list as Top 10 contenders for places to visit in Jodhpur.

Also if you are visiting Jodhpur you might want to know the top places to eat & enjoy your time here. We have made a list of Top 10 Best Cafe in Jodhpur list which got 6000+ response & even helped many tourists for their Jodhpur journey. So check out this list & enlight your Jodhpur journey.

So have a great visit to Blue city & share with your friends if they visit Jodhpur. Check out more stuff at Review Hub Media.


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