Restaurants & Cafe have to be updated every time either in form of  events, offers or any other promotional activities to build their brand awareness & attract new customers. Marketing has changed  dramatically over the years. What worked 10 years ago, or even last year, doesn’t usually work anymore.  It can be a struggle to find new customers for your restaurant with social media, new technology & more competition than ever before.
So these are Top 10 ways or ideas to promote your restaurants which can attract more customers & build maximum brand awareness :-

1. Start giving attractive offers-

Offers are the best source to obtain maximum users, People always look for best offers either online or offline. If you provide best quality food & want more attraction in starting of your venture. Offers will help you in all possible ways.
Offers like 50% off on all orders, Buy 1 Get 1 free, Combo packs of food & drinks, Monday afternoon 30% off.

2. Be Active on Social media-


Digital presence is important for every business, but in case of restaurants & cafe they need to be more active. They need to post every single day, They need to engage with their customers as every way possible & social media is the best way to connect to people. From social media they can boost their post too & attract many other targeted people in respective location. They should probably hire a digital company for their daily posting on all digital platforms with perfect banners.

3. Take Amazing photos-

Your food is what brings people into your restaurant right? After all, they’re there to eat. So shouldn’t you have really, really good looking photos of your restaurant’s food? I suggest you to take best photo’s of your restaurant’s food & upload it on your websites, social media & mainly on Google to get better reach.

4. Live music event-

This is now become trend & many top cafe’s are following it. Everyone loves a little dinner entertainment. Scheduling live music consistently at your restaurant brings people in the door as it gives you events to promote & makes your restaurant look like the place to chill.

5. Show sports event- 

Sports are most favorite for young’s to adult’s, everyone around the world loves sports & they love more when they watch it with their friends, So people want a light entertaining place in which they can watch together a football match or cricket match with snack’s & drinks. This is one of the best tactic to earn & promote your restaurant or cafe. Ex- Live screening of football matches are trending these days.

6. Get Google & Facebook Reviews

You might be thinking why Google & Facebook reviews will help us to promote our business venture but actually in our thinking it is the best & effective ways to promote your Restaurant & Cafe. Let me give you a example, You are a new person in city or you are planning to visit a new city & you are looking for best restaurant for lunch & dinner, so what will you do next you will search on Google or you will use a food app to search best restaurant in city & you will get so many results. So what you’ll do now, You will most probably choose restaurant which have highest ratings & reviews for your lunch or dinner. Importance of review have now turn into trust for visitors & it’s benefit are going to business owners.

7. Make Videos of Restaurants/Cafe & it’s Activities-

Videos are attracting & gaining more response these days. Videos with less than one minute are more attractive & engaging, If video made properly with best editing tool like adobe pro cc or filmora will bring maximum brand awareness. Video with best editing & highlights, If promoted on Ads can bring maximum reach because people like to see videos & from videos they can get better business place visibility. Highlight of Cafe & Restaurant are also trending these days.

8. Birthday greetings to customers & offer vouchers via Email or Text message.


If you are a top restaurant or cafe you might collect customer information like Phone numbers, Email address & Review suggestion from customers. If you are not taking benefit of these information, then you might be not interesting in promotional activities. But we suggest every cafe & restaurant to collect such information so you can send promotional offers to them. Greeting your customer on their birthday is a great gesture & offering them voucher offer is also something which build your relationship with clients. Use this strategy & get beneficial response by customers. This is one type of CSR activity too.

9. Stay on top of Online Listings like Google My Business.

Google My Business has changed the fortune of Business listings, Google wants user friendly experience whenever any user have any query. From Google my business both google & business owners have gained many positive response. Once you need help of Google to optimize Google my business page, But then it will be very easy to stay updated on Google my business page. In average search rankings google my business optimization have people reach more people than any other platform. So post on google my business regularly because it will give you maximum reach & results.

10. Promote your Business from Bloggers or Digital marketers.

If you don’t have time for social media activities daily or if you can’t get any response from social media by yourself don’t worry there is also solution for it.You can contact independent food bloggers or digital marketers to promote your business, They will take charge for their services but you will get maximum result by them as they are prefect in this field. If you don’t want to invest on them directly you can call them at your restaurant & offer them food for half of price or free food & ask them to review your restaurant on their Facebook, Tumblr & Instagram pages. This is also a beneficial way to promote your products & reach maximum audience.


So these are Top & Best ways to promote your business by our side. Hope you can get benefit with it but you want implement these ways seriously & interestingly engage with these activities. This will surely give you maximum response. For Paid Promotions or Digital Marketing you can contact with us & we will assist you to our services.

Thank you!

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